Benefits of Fitted Bedrooms

When it comes to choosing a bedroom to meet your unique needs, then it may be worthwhile looking into fitted bedrooms to see if they tick the boxes and provide you with the benefits and conveniences that you are looking for.

The main reason that so many homeowners choose a fitted bedroom when it comes to creating their dream space is because it maximises the use of space. It’s all very well going shop to shop and buying items that you like, but they are not going to fit together in the space seamlessly. This means you are going to have unused space and you may find that your floor space is compromised. With a bedroom which has been carefully designed to work together, the use of space will be maximises to ensure you enjoy an open and spacious bedroom design.

Another benefit to fitted bedrooms is no unwelcome gaps. When you choose and mix and match furniture items in any room in your home, you are going to find yourself wasting space and having gaps of space that could have been carefully utilised. The bedroom is one of the rooms you need ample storage, helping you keep the space clutter free and organised.

Your bedroom should be a comfortable and welcoming space where you can relax and unwind after a long day. It should be peaceful and help you sleep at night, not keep you awake surrounded by clutter and feeling closed in and claustrophobic. This is why fitted bedrooms are in such high demand. Every detail is thought out and then your entire bedroom space is mapped out and planned to help you enjoy the storage you need and make use of the space available to provide you with the perfect bedroom design that meets your needs and budget now and moving forward.

Speak to any interior designer about your bedroom choices and they will advise you that storage is imperative. Designers focus on storage, storage and more storage in any bedroom design and with a fitted bedroom you can incorporate this and enjoy the facility.

If you are faced with a strange shaped bedroom or a bedroom ceiling that comes down and cuts off a piece of your wall, then a fitted bedroom may help you make the most of the space you have available. You will find that buying furniture for a room of this nature is not going to be easy, but you will be able to have a bedroom specially made for you where each part of the furniture is carefully thought out to make full use of the space available and ensure you are left with the perfect bedroom design that you can use and enjoy for years to come.

An advantage of fitted bedrooms is that you get a wide selection of materials, colours and finishes to choose from. This way you are able to choose the best design finish that is going to complement your room and personality, enabling you to create a space that you can enjoy now and in the future.

The final benefit to a fitted bedroom is the versatility that they provide. When you are completely stuck on what to do in the bedroom and you’re struggling to find furniture that will work together, this option may not only save you money, but can leave you with a bedroom space that you can be proud of. A fitted bedroom can also increase the value of the home and make it easier for new owners to design their own bedroom space moving forward.

7 Tips to Make Your Maiden Furniture Shopping Memorable

miThe furniture industry in the United States looks pretty positive with the improving housing market. As per a report by FBIC Global Retail Tech, the US furniture market is estimated to grow at compound annual growth rate of 2.9% through 2019.

As per Statista, furniture and home furnishing stores in the United States generated about 101.41 billion US dollars worth of sales in 2013.

Shopping for furniture is a pleasant experience; however, it requires careful planning.

If you don’t want to buy the wrong furniture for your home, evaluate your furniture needs and research the furniture market properly.

Based on your needs, you’re likely to come across a wide range of furniture designs and styles. However, if you are a first timer, have an experienced friend accompany you while selecting the furniture.

Keep the following things in mind to avoid some common furniture buying mistakes.

Consider the Size

Buying a piece of furniture without considering the size of your door, staircase, hallway, and even living spaces can lead to regret and disappointment.

Therefore, while buying furniture pieces like a sectional sofa or bed, it’s important that you take the measurements first and make sure it makes a smooth way in to your house.

Mind the Colors

We all want furniture that complements the interior and blends well with the existing d├ęcor. Selection of right color is really critical from this standpoint.

Check the swatches before you decide on the furniture. Swatches will help you determine whether the furniture item will match the existing decor of your home.

Moreover, the swatches may look entirely different to your naked eyes than how they appear on a computer screen.

Beware of Design Trends

It’s quite natural to fall for the latest trend in furniture designs. However, it’s more important to consider the design scheme of your home. After all, the furniture should complement the overall design scheme of your home, right?

Test Your Furniture

Selecting furniture solely based on its looks doesn’t always work. Rather, it’s the functionality, strength and comfort of the furniture that matter the most. More importantly, the furniture quality should be reliable.

Therefore, try out the furniture item before committing to it. For example, you should inspect the frame of the bed or sofa to see if they are strong enough.

By putting it to test, you can explore the potential flaws and make a better selection based on that.

Don’t Buy Impulsively

It’s easy to get carried away by discounts and sales, but they can often be deceptive. Avoid the lure of cheap furniture as far as possible. Shopping for furniture must be backed by a deliberate and well thought out plan rather than impulse.

Don’t Ask for Many Opinions

It’s always good to have a second opinion on the furniture you want to buy. However, involving too many people is a bad idea as it may only create more confusion.

Likewise, don’t take a group of people with you for furniture shopping as it may lead to clash of opinions. Instead, have someone you trust accompany you.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Choose a day when the store is likely to be less crowded. This is the time when sales reps are more available to help you with the advice you’re looking for.

5 Easy Tricks to Erect a Bookshelf Over Walls

2cAre you a nerd, overflowing with books and the shelves are falling short to give adequate rooms to you books? Then it is a high time to present some extra storage space to your books via installing hanging bookshelves. In this way, you can modify your bald wall into a cool hanging library. Now, you need to know some architectural tips and interior decorator skills to shape up a perfect wall hanging library. Kindly go through this article and gather some practical tricks in erecting bracket-based shelf creation tricks.

Point out an ideal place for your shelf:

First, sort out a perfect for your library. Now this place can be anywhere over the walls but preferably to a corner to get a proper grip. Moreover, by selecting a corner, you can conserve much of the wall space and at the same time you can make use of the poor unused corner of you wall.

Take proper measurements:

Interior designs and architecture is all about mathematics and dimension, but wait; do not confuse this with complex algebra as these are basic length measurements and we all are quite nimble in this field. Before taking a measurement of the length and breadth, you must have a rough image about the shelf size and in doing this, you may circumvent several trails and errors and other misconception. Do not make the shelves too big as this will reduce the longevity of the hanging shelves because a big rack will cut short the overall aesthetic value for your interiors.

Buy an accurate bracket:

When you are done with the measurements, it is the time for holder shopping. They will act as the holders, which will support the shelf, against the force of gravity. Just simply give your desired measurements to a steel manufacturing firm, special in this kind of trade and they will at once deliver your required product.

Grill your wall:

Your wall will hold the entire structure, so you need a grill it to fix the screws over it. Be quite careful in this field as grilling machines are fractionally accident-prone and if you are not experienced in this area, then you can definitely take help from a professional carpenter. Sometimes, the steel manufacturing firm furnishes this kind of grilling service.

Laying the slab:

Upon erecting the holders successfully via grilling and attaching screws, you need to lay the slab, the basement where your books will rest. Maximum people employ wooden slabs but with wooden slabs, there are associated risk of termites, which hamper the overall strength, and longevity of the shelf. You can pick up a substitute of wooden slabs, like a metal slab. They are sturdy; termites cannot even kiss their surface, and they are rust free.

So go ahead, plan accordingly, and gift your intellect belongings, your books a new cool place to dwell in.? You can also bring certain modification in the style and the layout of the shelf.

Tips to Choosing the Right Fitted Wardrobes

Choosing wardrobes for your bedroom isn’t always the easier option. The one tip you will benefit from is not to go overboard in terms of colour, remember somewhere down the line you are probably going to change the colour scheme in your bedroom, which means that sticking to neutral colours is beneficial, reducing the need to replace the wardrobe doors and spend unnecessary money when you decide to make a change.

The first step is to choose a design that you feel makes the best use of space. Remember you are going to want to focus on hanging space, shelving and shoe space. Work with a designer if necessary to identify how to make a wardrobe that can accommodate all your clothing and your partners clothes. In a children’s room, you will want to also focus on these three elements.

Ideally try and keep more hanging than shelving space, some items can be folded or hung, so if you run out of space, it is easier to find another hanging to place it on. You may also want to consider some baskets with the shelves for your under garments and socks.

Next look at the size that you need. The fitted wardrobe should not overpower the room, but at the same time you want it to fit into the space with ease. This means making use of the space. The best option is to choose a floor to ceiling option,providing additional packing space at the top for suitcases and other items, such as winter blankets, etc. Measure the space with care, keeping in mind door opening spaces and more. All doors should open easily and without any unwelcome restrictions.

Quality is imperative and when you are choosing a fitted wardrobe, you are choosing a piece that is going to be in the room for many years, this means you want it to be the finest quality that is going to be durable, strong and long lasting. It’s not always easy to ensure you are buying good quality, unless you get to see the wardrobe in person, which is recommended wherever possible. Identify what suppliers are available and make an arrangement to go to their store where you can see the products for yourself. This will also give you the chance to speak to their representatives, get some ideas and design tips that you can rely on and trust.

Remember to focus on the colours you choose. White is always a good choice or neutral tones which can be easily incorporated into any room design you choose. Remember the design you have right now may not be what you are looking for in a few years, what is trendy now will be out of style in a few years. You want to make your bedroom comfortable, but bear in mind that these are fitted items, so you can’t simple replace them. So think in advance, be realistic and think neutral wherever possible.

Make use of mirrors. While you may not want mirrored doors in your bedroom, these can be beneficial. If you are working with a smaller bedroom area, then mirrors can reflect natural light and also make the space feel bigger than it is. You should have a mirror on the inside of at least one of the fitted wardrobe doors. A full length mirror is imperative whether you are fitting wardrobes in your dressing room or bedroom.

The final tip to buying fitted wardrobes is the price. Do not focus only on the price, rather find what you like, confirm quality and then compare prices.

Has Your Living Room Furniture Gotten Shabby? Turn It Into Shabby Chic!

juyIf you have living room furniture that’s dented, damaged, or just drab, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to give your home a new look. Try one of these easy techniques to put those dings and scratches to good use and transform your shabby tables and chairs into shabby chic.

Scuff It Up

The most basic technique is simply painting and sanding. Start by sanding all surfaces to ensure the paint adheres properly, then coat them with a few layers of your desired color. When the final coat is almost dry, use sandpaper to scuff the corners, edges, and any decorative elements that stand out from the surface. When deciding where to sand, think about the areas where an old piece of furniture would receive the most wear. If the piece you’re working on is particularly shabby, you probably have a good idea of where those spots should be. After scuffing to your satisfaction, you can choose to coat with a layer of sealant to stop the distressing process, or leave it alone and let it gain even more character over time.

Use Your Medicine Cabinet

Believe it or not, one of the best tools to achieve a shabby chic look on your living room furniture is plain old petroleum jelly. That staple from your grandmother’s medicine cabinet is a perfect resist to give paint the appearance that it has been wearing away for years.

Before using the resist, prepare your undercoat. You may choose to stick with the original color or coat with a completely different shade. Next, apply a layer of petroleum jelly to corners, edges, and anywhere you want that bottom color to show through. Finally, paint over everything with your topcoat and let it dry. Once the paint is dry, use a rag to rub off the top layer anywhere the petroleum jelly was used. The undercoat should show through, creating the illusion that the top color has worn off over time. If you want to finish with a coat of glaze or sealant, be sure to clean the piece thoroughly beforehand. Any remaining petroleum jelly will continue to act as a resist to additional materials.

Take a Trip to the Craft Store

Craft and hardware stores carry any number of specialized products to help you achieve the shabby chic look you desire for your living room furniture. Crackle medium creates a dramatic effect that isn’t easily achieved using other methods. Apply the medium over your undercoat of paint, and when a second color is applied on top of the medium, it will shrink and crack, allowing the first layer to show through.

Glazing medium is another useful product which can be mixed with a dark colored paint to make a transparent glaze. To give your furniture a beautiful aged patina, brush a thick layer over the entire surface and immediately wipe off with a cloth so the color remains darkest in the corners and cracks.

With these do-it-yourself techniques, any item can be given new life. The shabby chic look celebrates the quirks that well-loved furniture acquires over time. If your favorite chair is looking down in the dumps, don’t throw it out. Make it new again by making it look old.