What Should Really Matter

The dining set you choose can determine how inviting your dining area remains. You can actually make a focal point in your home by choosing interesting chairs for the dining room and coupling them with good lighting and colors. There are so many styles today and you also can have your unique design or style made especially for you to create a unique personalized dining room depending on what you find to be most suitable. But in general, there are three factors that should matter when choosing the perfect chairs for your dining room.

1. Chair materials

The most commonly used material for this chair is wood with varieties like pine, hickory, oak, spruce and cedar being favorites for many people. You can also go for exotic woods like teak, burl wood, mahogany, eucalyptus and ebony. When choosing wood, remember that soft woods tend to be less durable compared to hardwoods and this also means that hardwoods will be more expensive. Still on the materials, you can choose metallic chairs that offer design flexibility; you can have them shaped as you find most appropriate and have comfort features added to make your dining experience pleasant. Plastics can also make a good choice for some people and so will upholstery fabrics. Consider what appeals to you the most and the overall look you want to give your dining area when making the material decision.

2. Chair features

Most dining chairs will of course have four legs but there are some that are three legged and others that come with a pedestal kind of design in place of the legs. If you choose legs, they could be rounded or legs that are squared off. Some have the leg support extending between leg midpoints and others will have semi woven or solid seats and fixed angle backrests. Whether the chairs should have armrests is a matter of personal preference and so is the leg shape, but remember the material you choose can have an effect on these. There are so many features and styles today, so give attention to them in relation to the space you have available and the overall look you want for your dining set and the dining room too.

3. Chair dimensions

When choosing dining chairs, you must think about the height of chair seats in relation to the height of the table and the width of the chairs too. Consider all members of the family who will be using the chairs so you do not end up with heights that are not suitable for some members. The backrests should also be checked; let the backrests have the appropriate extension to offer the right support even for heavier individuals. The width of the chairs will determine how many you can have around your table, especially if you are not buying them in a set together with the table. Choose dimensions in relation to your space and the comfort of everyone using the dining area.

Benefits of Choosing Oak TV Stands

Oak is one of the most popular wood choices when it comes to furniture, so you can expect that buying oak TV stands is going to provide you with a wealth of benefits, some you may already know and some may be news to you that will help you make your decisions and start enjoying your stand without delay.

Oak is a very striking wood and provides you with a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing piece that you can place in your room with complete confidence. This wood offers you warmth, beauty and the perfect finish to your room design, helping you complete your room to perfection while having a place for your television and accessories while de-cluttering the space at all times.

Due to the natural colour of oak, you are not restricted. There are wood stains you can use so you can choose the depth of colour that blends in with your room with ease. Whether you want a darker or a lighter wood, you can choose a stain that will enhance the space and work with your current décor to really make a statement and provide you with a room design finish that you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come.

Oak is very strong and durable, which means that you are investing in a TV stand you know is going to last. The long life span makes this particular wood a top choice and with the ability to stain it, you can change it’s look to meet your design needs as your tastes and trends change over the years.

One of the major benefits to oak TV stands is that they are very easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and varnishing or staining on a semi-regular basis will help this furniture piece last for years, a piece you can enjoy with confidence and even hand down to future generations when it comes down to it. You are guaranteed to enjoy this piece of furniture for many years if you find that one perfect piece that makes a statement to you and that you want to incorporate into your home now and in the future.

Of course with an item that is so easy to maintain, it is just as easy to clean. A simple wipe with a cloth and some furniture polish will keep the unit looking new and fresh. As with any wood dust can accumulate, so to keep it looking as new, give it a wipe over every couple of days and let your TV stand really stand out as a focal point in your room.

What appeals to so many people around the world when it comes to choosing oak TV stands is that they are environmentally friendly. Wood is a sustainable product and is often used over some of the other materials available. Ensure that the unit you purchase is made from oak which comes from a sustainable farm, where they constantly plant the trees to reduce the impact on the environment.

The final benefit that you will notice when it comes to choosing an oak TV stand is that you have design flexibility. There isn’t only one style available, but an extensive range, which means you have to sit down, browse the selection and identify which style you believe is going to work in your space, enhancing your design and finishing your room off to perfection.

Don’t go with the first unit you find, shop around until you find what you want and what really appeals to you. Remember these are long lasting, so once you purchase an oak TV stand, it will be with you for years to come.


Benefits of Choosing White TV Cabinets

Choosing white furniture is often a hard decision for many people. White is so clinical, but surprisingly, buying white TV cabinets can provide you with a wealth of benefits you may not have realised, that can really transform your room into a space you can use and enjoy for years to come.

The first benefit you will notice is that choosing white TV cabinets is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It will immediately brighten the space, something you won’t find with darker options. Further you will find that while white may not have been your first choice, you will notice that functionality and practicality isn’t compromised, so you have a unit white is brighter and lighter which provides you with all the practicality you need to keep your living space neat and tidy at all times.

In addition to this, white TV cabinets tend to blend in with most other furniture. Whether you have chosen leather sofas or fabric, whether you have dark carpets or floors or light, the white will really stand out and because it is such a neutral colour, it will blend in with ease, helping to enhance the design of the room with beauty, simplicity and the perfect finish that you could hope for.

In most instances when you choose white furniture, they come in a gloss white. The gloss is a very smooth surface which gives that minimalistic and modern finish that you could only hope for.

The great thing when you choose white for your TV cabinet is that you will find that the designs of the pieces are modern. White and modern go hand in hand, so if you are updating your living space or you love that modern design, then the white colour may be the best choice for you. Remember to choose a unit with ample storage, place to store all your games, movies and remotes to reduce the clutter in the room and really give the space that perfect finish at all times.

White TV cabinets are usually made to the finest standard, which means a long life span. White may mark over time, but with the right care and maintenance, then you can find yourself enjoying these pieces for years to come. Follow the manufacturers instructions in terms of cleaning to reduce chips, scratches and damage and ensure you get the most of your furniture now and moving forward.

The great thing with white is that it ages gracefully. White furniture is not going to go out of style and offers a timeless elegance that you could only hope to find. This means you can update your living space, change your colour schemes and furniture and still find that your TV cabinet is going to blend in and make a statement day after day.

There are a few factors to take into consideration when buying a white TV cabinet and that is to focus on the supplier and ensure you purchase from a supplier that will provide you with years of knowledge and experience. They should have an excellent reputation in the industry and be able to provide you with a product that you can rely on and trust now and moving forward.

In addition to this, browse the full selection and get some design ideas. Remember to measure the space you have available and then measure the space again. In addition to this, you want to choose a neutral designed piece that will work with your current furniture, but that you will be able to use for years, even if you make some drastic furniture changes in the future.


All You Need to Know About Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Furniture made out of pine, cherry, maple, oak and walnut are few of the most popular types of wooden furniture we see. But there’s one more type of wood that’s raising eyebrows everywhere and finding a wide range of applications, the reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is the processed lumber that is obtained by turning the lumber used in old homes, furniture, barns, wine barrels and warehouses into reusable wood. There are a lot factors to consider while buying furniture made out of reused lumber. Read on to find out.

What’s so special about reclaimed wood furniture?

• One of the main reasons to choose reused wood to make furniture is the fact that they offer a unique, rustic look. Rustic themes are very popular these days and reused lumber with their worn out looks, shaded colors and subtle imperfections offer what is intended.

• Reused lumber was cut down from trees of the past which grew when external factors like pollution and toxicity didn’t affect the strength of the wood. Hence, reclaimed wood is very strong.

• In addition, over the years, reused wood has been exposed to a lot of changes in temperature and humidity and hence it is not so easily prone to damage due to expansions and contractions.

• Owing to its age and authenticity, reused lumber is indeed a costly affair. You can always buy reclaimed wood furniture for reasonable rates and count on their high return of investment. The older the better.

How to buy reclaimed wood furniture?

Follow the below mentioned steps to find the perfect, quality reused wood furniture.

1. It is pointless to buy a reclaimed wood furniture if it doesn’t promise a decent ROI. To reap benefits of its unique history and authenticity, you’d need a certificate of authenticity from the vendor selling you the furniture.

2. If you already possess the lumber and just need carpentry assistance, ask if the furniture vendor is ready to work on the material you provide. Also ask if he takes custom orders to realize the furniture design and style you have in your mind.

3. Reused wood will have a few holes or damages that must be closed. Ensure only quality epoxies are used to cover these holes and not some cheap wood fills or wax crayons.

4. Finishing of the reclaimed wood furniture is quite important for its look and authenticity. Ensure that the vendor uses durable, wipe on finish that finishes the wood from inside out and not some cheap wax finish that causes white marks and gets sticky during summer.

5. Lastly, enquire about the furniture maker’s experience in making furniture out of reused lumber and compare the prices with two or more vendors to get a good deal.


The Sofa Family

A sofa is your best friend. A sofa is a statement piece. A sofa is so much more than just a place to sit and chill. Every sofa has a story. And you need to find the best sofa that speaks to you, understands you and above all puts your comfort first. The sofa is one master-piece where a man can unwind, enjoy & sleep. We all love to laze around on a sunny day with nothing to do. Sofas are the centre focus of your living room. An investment in comfort and easy maintenance spread over many years is what is the main concern whilst sofa shopping.

For your living room; based on the constraints you have namely space, size and functionality you can opt for a truly customizable setup. Take your pick from a wide variety such as a 2 seater sofa or a 3 seater sofa and pair the same up with a single seater sofa or a chaise lounge. Once you have the setup locked in, look at customizing your sofa for a look and feel that matches the decor of your living room. Choose from a varied set of finishing’s such as Leather, Fabric, Leatherette and Nappa Aire to really bring out your style also lend to the overall look and feel of the living room. Intelligent sofas like the L shaped sofa fit into almost any nook and cranny and Modular sofas can be adapted to suit any living space with a huge amount of customisation. If your living room is your only room, opt for a sofa cum bed that also doubles up as a bed.

Talking from a functional point of view along with an interest in aesthetics people look at getting the most out of their spaces. People with a keen sense of space saving may go in for a Sofa cum bed or a Day bed that adds twice the value to your space as it can be used for both sitting and sleeping alternately.

Coming to the Office space, sofas are usually assigned to the reception areas or lounge areas so as to facilitate a feeling of comfort and ease in an office environment. These sofas are high on design and extremely functional. Every sofa here serves the simple purpose of making people feel comfortable and at home whilst still being in an office environment. A recent trend that’s been observed where in the furniture and accessories brought into office spaces are highly comfortable and functional to create an experience that imitates your home. Like the office has become your home away from home. A small example would be the use of bean bags in conference rooms. Instead of the traditional chairs, quick conference rooms that require team members joining in, bean bags makes it easy for sitting accommodations.

So, based on the above we have a clear demarcation for the types of sofas in a selective environment such as a home or an office. One of the most sought after furniture items, it serves as the ultimate comfort layer & also doubles as a bed.

Author is a marketing executive with a leading furniture manufacturing firm that specializes in Furniture like Sofas, Beds, Chairs, Tables & Storage amongst others.

he Different Uses of Book Shelves

Furniture takes on so many different forms and, in many cases, it has more than one purpose. People are more creative with home décor design these days and that includes the uses of different types of furniture such as book shelves. Traditionally, we’ve all used book shelves to stack and store books, but there are different ways to use them.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use book shelves besides for their original purpose.

    • You can use it as a display unit in your lounge or at the end of a hallway, especially if the hallway has a solid wall at the one end. You could place the book shelf against the wall and place ornaments in it.


    • It can be used to showcase your family photos. Choose a number of photo frames that fit within the shelves. Decide on a colour scheme for the photo frames that matches the book shelf. Depending on the width of the shelves you could place three to five photo frames on each level to create a sense of consistency in the photo displays. Alternatively, you could place one photo frame per shelf if you have a 12 Block Book Shelf.


    • Use an Open Back Book Shelf to display your handmade crafts or hobby creations. If you are a creative person that paints ceramic animals, then you can display them in this manner. It will be neatly placed in an area that is visible to visitors.


    • If you have a lot of mugs or tea cups, a great way to store them is to pack them neatly in the book shelf. This will give you more space in your kitchen cupboards as your cups or mugs will be out of the way. You could also use it for wine glasses or cocktail glasses that are too beautiful to hide away in a kitchen cupboard.


    • It is a great way to display souvenirs that you’ve collected over the years. Whether you collect souvenirs such as snow globes on your travelling journeys or collect wedding souvenirs, you can display all of them gracefully. A Glass Door Book Shelf would be ideal for this purpose.


  • A 3 Tier Book Shelf is ideal for a child’s bedroom as it is not too high and they can reach each tier. They can store their toys or art projects in homemade drawers made of boxes. These boxes can be placed on each tier. This furniture transformation will instantly tidy up any child’s bedroom.

The Furniture Family

Furniture defines the space you live in. It is part and parcel of who you are and how you live. In this endeavour of picking out the right mix of furniture for your space there are a whole lot of options and varieties to choose from. Even the material and construction speaks volumes about what your furniture stands for. Furniture can be broadly classified into living, dining, bedroom, office and misc. Respectively. Every furniture piece is constructed using primary materials that is common across all manufacturers consisting of wood, metal, leather, leatherette and fabric.

Some broadly used Furniture in our daily lives are beds, sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, chest of drawers, wardrobes, entertainment units etc. Let’s go room by room and define what sits where. Sofas, chairs, centre tables, entertainment units are all part of the living room space. In broader terms a simple console table or a side coffee table can be utilised to tweak the same space along with a rocking chair. Bedrooms are clearly defined with beds, bedside tables, nightstands, dressing tables and wardrobes. Dining rooms and kitchens usually go hand in hand with placement of dining tables, dining chairs, and kitchen consoles, bar counters, bar stools etc. As it is a place to entertain and dine.

Space is a major constraint in buying furniture hence the modern consumer looks for functional furniture that adds style and functionality to his or her space. Longevity and care for furniture are also big concerns for the potential buyers. For example, Solid wood furniture comes treated and is sturdy usually considered the best buy by most people. Solid wood is natural wood that goes through basic processes that strengthen the natural qualities of wood and enhance it. Leather comes as a premium finish to almost all types of furniture and is amongst the most expensive finishes in the market. Leather comes from animal hide and is cured over time and treated for strengthening the natural hide. The advantage of leather upholstered furniture is that it is durable and tough with a longer life than say a fabric finish. Each has its own unique advantages. Fabric upholstered furniture has its unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Fabric breathes, it can come in any shade and is both natural and artificial and lastly can be easily replaced with new fabric upholstery. Leatherette comes firmly in between the two categories and takes the best qualities of both such as easier maintenance and a limitless variety of colours finishes textures and patterns. Leatherette is highly durable and has a longer life considering it’s a mix of natural and artificial materials.

Some furniture sometimes doubles up their act. A sofa cum bed acts as a bed also. Storage included in beds helps you store night time essentials. Bands with head boards can use it as a nightstand. Furniture is highly personal and one must really choose a piece that one can identify with. Beautiful personalised furniture means happy homes.

What Do You Need To Identify

The first room that everyone sets while furnishing a home is “Living room”. As living room is the most admired place that speaks to your guests at a very first glance. So, it should be lively enough without any unwanted fuss. And, what can make it enchanting is colorful, designer, and durable furniture units. When your thought of mind is sorted to set a living room, the first utility that appears in mind is a sofa.

Modern Sofa Sets are a fundamental concern and one-time investment that everyone has to make while buying furniture for the house. It completes the outlook of a home along with that; it adds an impression in front of the visitors about choice and taste in furniture. According to latest trends, sofas are available in a lot of varieties and designs. And, with that emergence, expert furniture designers introduced Fabric sofas in the market.

A fabric sofa is a unique piece that renders luxury and comfort like all other traditional sofas, but this is the one that is desirable to add a vibrant touch to the living space. Appropriately, this sofa unit is designed to decentralize the scope of contemporary, cozy and budget friendly. Earlier, they were not so visible to the furniture lovers, but, now they have become a significant part of every home decor and furnishing because one can easily customize their sofa according to the stated requirements.

One can conclude fabric sofa sets as a designer and unique furniture till date. They give an impression of luxury along with modern touch by detailing with your living room theme. The colors and bright fabric of this sofa adds a gorgeous appearance to the living room. And, whenever you enter the area, you feel comfortable and refreshing with your surrounding after a daily routine.

But, you have to identify the points mentioned below while buying this piece of furniture:

    1. Structure and Material: It is essential enough to encounter with experts in concern to the material of sofa. Ideal material is textured fabric which is customized with small holes design. Most importantly, you have to look out for the structure crafted from solid wood, and coverage should be well accomplished with the upholstered fabric material which should be fascinating enough to provide a comfort sitting to every member of the family as well as the visitors.


    1. Sassy Colors: Another point of concern is the indulging in color as trend and choice are much more visible through the shades. You can make your selection with the lively colors like blue, red, black, brown, etc. to enchant everyday look all at once as a single unit. For a better experiment, heading on with prints is also not a bad idea. Floral and graphical prints are quite in trend nowadays. So, you can choose the printed textured fabric for an opulent sofa unit.


    1. Measure your area: For setting up your furniture within your space, you need to take the proper measurements. If you have a compact space, then a miniature style unit will be perfect and portable enough. And, if you have a large area, then the variety of options are open to turn around and experience the trendy stuff within your home.


  1. Cost efficient and desirable: Last but not the least, it should not harm your pocket. As estimating a budget is a vital concern while buying furniture online. It also depends on the quality and material of the fabric that is used to build the structure of the sofa.

Benefits of Fitted Bedrooms

When it comes to choosing a bedroom to meet your unique needs, then it may be worthwhile looking into fitted bedrooms to see if they tick the boxes and provide you with the benefits and conveniences that you are looking for.

The main reason that so many homeowners choose a fitted bedroom when it comes to creating their dream space is because it maximises the use of space. It’s all very well going shop to shop and buying items that you like, but they are not going to fit together in the space seamlessly. This means you are going to have unused space and you may find that your floor space is compromised. With a bedroom which has been carefully designed to work together, the use of space will be maximises to ensure you enjoy an open and spacious bedroom design.

Another benefit to fitted bedrooms is no unwelcome gaps. When you choose and mix and match furniture items in any room in your home, you are going to find yourself wasting space and having gaps of space that could have been carefully utilised. The bedroom is one of the rooms you need ample storage, helping you keep the space clutter free and organised.

Your bedroom should be a comfortable and welcoming space where you can relax and unwind after a long day. It should be peaceful and help you sleep at night, not keep you awake surrounded by clutter and feeling closed in and claustrophobic. This is why fitted bedrooms are in such high demand. Every detail is thought out and then your entire bedroom space is mapped out and planned to help you enjoy the storage you need and make use of the space available to provide you with the perfect bedroom design that meets your needs and budget now and moving forward.

Speak to any interior designer about your bedroom choices and they will advise you that storage is imperative. Designers focus on storage, storage and more storage in any bedroom design and with a fitted bedroom you can incorporate this and enjoy the facility.

If you are faced with a strange shaped bedroom or a bedroom ceiling that comes down and cuts off a piece of your wall, then a fitted bedroom may help you make the most of the space you have available. You will find that buying furniture for a room of this nature is not going to be easy, but you will be able to have a bedroom specially made for you where each part of the furniture is carefully thought out to make full use of the space available and ensure you are left with the perfect bedroom design that you can use and enjoy for years to come.

An advantage of fitted bedrooms is that you get a wide selection of materials, colours and finishes to choose from. This way you are able to choose the best design finish that is going to complement your room and personality, enabling you to create a space that you can enjoy now and in the future.

The final benefit to a fitted bedroom is the versatility that they provide. When you are completely stuck on what to do in the bedroom and you’re struggling to find furniture that will work together, this option may not only save you money, but can leave you with a bedroom space that you can be proud of. A fitted bedroom can also increase the value of the home and make it easier for new owners to design their own bedroom space moving forward.

7 Tips to Make Your Maiden Furniture Shopping Memorable

miThe furniture industry in the United States looks pretty positive with the improving housing market. As per a report by FBIC Global Retail Tech, the US furniture market is estimated to grow at compound annual growth rate of 2.9% through 2019.

As per Statista, furniture and home furnishing stores in the United States generated about 101.41 billion US dollars worth of sales in 2013.

Shopping for furniture is a pleasant experience; however, it requires careful planning.

If you don’t want to buy the wrong furniture for your home, evaluate your furniture needs and research the furniture market properly.

Based on your needs, you’re likely to come across a wide range of furniture designs and styles. However, if you are a first timer, have an experienced friend accompany you while selecting the furniture.

Keep the following things in mind to avoid some common furniture buying mistakes.

Consider the Size

Buying a piece of furniture without considering the size of your door, staircase, hallway, and even living spaces can lead to regret and disappointment.

Therefore, while buying furniture pieces like a sectional sofa or bed, it’s important that you take the measurements first and make sure it makes a smooth way in to your house.

Mind the Colors

We all want furniture that complements the interior and blends well with the existing décor. Selection of right color is really critical from this standpoint.

Check the swatches before you decide on the furniture. Swatches will help you determine whether the furniture item will match the existing decor of your home.

Moreover, the swatches may look entirely different to your naked eyes than how they appear on a computer screen.

Beware of Design Trends

It’s quite natural to fall for the latest trend in furniture designs. However, it’s more important to consider the design scheme of your home. After all, the furniture should complement the overall design scheme of your home, right?

Test Your Furniture

Selecting furniture solely based on its looks doesn’t always work. Rather, it’s the functionality, strength and comfort of the furniture that matter the most. More importantly, the furniture quality should be reliable.

Therefore, try out the furniture item before committing to it. For example, you should inspect the frame of the bed or sofa to see if they are strong enough.

By putting it to test, you can explore the potential flaws and make a better selection based on that.

Don’t Buy Impulsively

It’s easy to get carried away by discounts and sales, but they can often be deceptive. Avoid the lure of cheap furniture as far as possible. Shopping for furniture must be backed by a deliberate and well thought out plan rather than impulse.

Don’t Ask for Many Opinions

It’s always good to have a second opinion on the furniture you want to buy. However, involving too many people is a bad idea as it may only create more confusion.

Likewise, don’t take a group of people with you for furniture shopping as it may lead to clash of opinions. Instead, have someone you trust accompany you.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Choose a day when the store is likely to be less crowded. This is the time when sales reps are more available to help you with the advice you’re looking for.