he Different Uses of Book Shelves

Furniture takes on so many different forms and, in many cases, it has more than one purpose. People are more creative with home d├ęcor design these days and that includes the uses of different types of furniture such as book shelves. Traditionally, we’ve all used book shelves to stack and store books, but there are different ways to use them.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use book shelves besides for their original purpose.

    • You can use it as a display unit in your lounge or at the end of a hallway, especially if the hallway has a solid wall at the one end. You could place the book shelf against the wall and place ornaments in it.


    • It can be used to showcase your family photos. Choose a number of photo frames that fit within the shelves. Decide on a colour scheme for the photo frames that matches the book shelf. Depending on the width of the shelves you could place three to five photo frames on each level to create a sense of consistency in the photo displays. Alternatively, you could place one photo frame per shelf if you have a 12 Block Book Shelf.


    • Use an Open Back Book Shelf to display your handmade crafts or hobby creations. If you are a creative person that paints ceramic animals, then you can display them in this manner. It will be neatly placed in an area that is visible to visitors.


    • If you have a lot of mugs or tea cups, a great way to store them is to pack them neatly in the book shelf. This will give you more space in your kitchen cupboards as your cups or mugs will be out of the way. You could also use it for wine glasses or cocktail glasses that are too beautiful to hide away in a kitchen cupboard.


    • It is a great way to display souvenirs that you’ve collected over the years. Whether you collect souvenirs such as snow globes on your travelling journeys or collect wedding souvenirs, you can display all of them gracefully. A Glass Door Book Shelf would be ideal for this purpose.


  • A 3 Tier Book Shelf is ideal for a child’s bedroom as it is not too high and they can reach each tier. They can store their toys or art projects in homemade drawers made of boxes. These boxes can be placed on each tier. This furniture transformation will instantly tidy up any child’s bedroom.