The Furniture Family

Furniture defines the space you live in. It is part and parcel of who you are and how you live. In this endeavour of picking out the right mix of furniture for your space there are a whole lot of options and varieties to choose from. Even the material and construction speaks volumes about what your furniture stands for. Furniture can be broadly classified into living, dining, bedroom, office and misc. Respectively. Every furniture piece is constructed using primary materials that is common across all manufacturers consisting of wood, metal, leather, leatherette and fabric.

Some broadly used Furniture in our daily lives are beds, sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, chest of drawers, wardrobes, entertainment units etc. Let’s go room by room and define what sits where. Sofas, chairs, centre tables, entertainment units are all part of the living room space. In broader terms a simple console table or a side coffee table can be utilised to tweak the same space along with a rocking chair. Bedrooms are clearly defined with beds, bedside tables, nightstands, dressing tables and wardrobes. Dining rooms and kitchens usually go hand in hand with placement of dining tables, dining chairs, and kitchen consoles, bar counters, bar stools etc. As it is a place to entertain and dine.

Space is a major constraint in buying furniture hence the modern consumer looks for functional furniture that adds style and functionality to his or her space. Longevity and care for furniture are also big concerns for the potential buyers. For example, Solid wood furniture comes treated and is sturdy usually considered the best buy by most people. Solid wood is natural wood that goes through basic processes that strengthen the natural qualities of wood and enhance it. Leather comes as a premium finish to almost all types of furniture and is amongst the most expensive finishes in the market. Leather comes from animal hide and is cured over time and treated for strengthening the natural hide. The advantage of leather upholstered furniture is that it is durable and tough with a longer life than say a fabric finish. Each has its own unique advantages. Fabric upholstered furniture has its unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Fabric breathes, it can come in any shade and is both natural and artificial and lastly can be easily replaced with new fabric upholstery. Leatherette comes firmly in between the two categories and takes the best qualities of both such as easier maintenance and a limitless variety of colours finishes textures and patterns. Leatherette is highly durable and has a longer life considering it’s a mix of natural and artificial materials.

Some furniture sometimes doubles up their act. A sofa cum bed acts as a bed also. Storage included in beds helps you store night time essentials. Bands with head boards can use it as a nightstand. Furniture is highly personal and one must really choose a piece that one can identify with. Beautiful personalised furniture means happy homes.