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Name: Elmira
How old am I: I am 18
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Learn how your comment 5 year dating anniversary quotes is processed. The website already admitted to using fake profiles but we want to give you as much evidence as possible to show you how crooked and a scam this site really is.

In the terms and conditions they talk about how they create fake profiles, they talk about how how they use these fake profiles to send you phony chat messages and phony s.

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Fake profile using photo stolen from other websites. All ladies seeking casual sex dallas texas 75230 websites are owned by the same corporation Plymouth Associates Ltd and all these websites have been running for years and years making millions and millions of dollars defrauding the public. If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

Obviously this website to scam.

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Fictitious instant chat message used to dupe people into upgrading. We know this is happening because we read the terms and conditions where they admit to all of this. Bogus profile using photo stolen from other site.

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Even before we created our we already knew this website was a scam. We started researching and investigating to find out where the dating profiles are getting these photographs from. You can look at the evidence that we have provided below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you want to learn how to spot fake profiles on X Swipes keep reading.

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October 9, at pm. All of this evidence is found in the terms and conditions section 4. This proves even further that the profiles are phony. Greg walz says:.

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Toggle. Screen shot of our profile. This means that they use fake profiles to send us fake messages.

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Since you can only communicate with anyone for free for a very short time frame. You see not only are they creating fake profiles but they need photographs of attractive women to use in the fake profiles that they are creating. This long list of lisbon dating includes XMeets. The unfortunate problem here is that every profile on XSwipes has a yellow star meaning all the profiles are fake! At the end of it all what they really want you to do is upgrade and purchase a paid subscription to their website.

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Read the full review below. If you have any information or any experience with this website you can leave a comment below. Home XSwipes.

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